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Our Awards received 2016 – 感謝有祢!感謝有您!

January 3rd, 2017|Blogger Center, 未分類|

Awards received 2016 在2016這充滿挑戰的一年,用〈勇奪〉來形容獲獎,對團隊是一種認可及鼓勵。我們感謝主的祝福、感謝團隊的努力,亦特別感謝您一直以來的支持! 2016 is a year full of challenge. When it concludes, we are delighted to have awards at its highest honour, the Annual Outdoor Award 'Best of the Best' to BIGPACK Lite Pro 30 by OUTSIDE, and presented for the 1st time ‘Global Store with Highest Annual Sales’ to Toronto 76 by [...]

Exploration with BIGPACK | Borneo | Eman Lam & Thor Lok

July 15th, 2016|BIGPACK|

  《Barter Game 價值連城》今晚(7月11日)10:00 心中富有? 汶萊堅離地,離地到咩地步?屋企個廁所大過你個廳! 古巴都堅離地?慳水慳到花灑冇水! 有錢嘅有錢,窮嘅繼續窮。不過佢哋同樣過得快樂,點解? 《Barter...Posted by ViuTV on Sunday, 10 July 2016  

Exploration with BIGPACK | Cuba | Eric Kwok & Annie Liu

July 4th, 2016|BIGPACK|

《Barter Game 價值連城》今晚(7月12日)10:00 點Barter先有著數? 以物易物嚟講呢,換到嘢當然係好,不過換到啲靚嘢就更加好! 心悠BB都已經夠靚啦,Eric Kwok全程都仲掛住周街搵靚女... 係想同佢哋換嘢,定...Posted by ViuTV on Monday, 11 July 2016

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