Tent nail set including long nails x4, short nails x18, hammer x1
$419.00 $293.00
The insulated cooler has a big capacity of 22 Litres, portable and handy to carry for camping or picnic. Accessories included: dummy plate x1 + brace x1 + ice bag x6
$639.00 $447.00
The Pan with surface treated with hard anodized + Teflon coated radiance (non-stick)
Hard anodized Aluminium/ 30% heat efficiency increased with heat-exchanger/ No-drip spout/ Easy-handling handle/ Volume: 0.8 L
Cooking Utensil Set

Items: 1x pivot spoon, 1x pivot clip, 1x pivot spatula, 1x cutting board, 1x salt & pepper shaker, 1x oil dispenser

$389.00 $272.00